Complaints Policy

The goals of the in-house procedure are to provide:

  •  A clear explanation
  •  An apology where appropriate
  •  Evidence that steps will be taken to prevent the same thing happening again

 Care must be taken to ensure patient confidentiality at all times.

Practice Procedure

  • Practice notified of complaint in writing should be directed to the Attn of: Practice Management team (at the surgery address)
  • Practice Management establishes contact with complainant as soon as practical (preferably verbally). This should occur within 3 working days and should be followed up by an acknowledgement letter if patient requests this.
  • If complainant is amenable to immediate resolution via telephone with practice staff, then Practice Management arranges convenient meeting if necessary.
  • Practice Management may provide assistance to complainant in identifying clearly the nature and extent of the complaint.
  • To ensure complainant’s case is fully understood, using the complaint’s form, the conversation should be recorded.
  • Investigator appointed: Practice Management for administrative matters, Clinician for clinical matters
  • Consider discussion with defence organisation if appropriate.
  • Investigator makes a factual report to the partnership.
  • Investigator makes arrangements to address the complaint with the complainant within an agreed time
    • A clear written explanation is provided; this may be a copy of a factual report or letter.  Alternatively, with mutual agreement, a meeting set up for all parties involved.
    • An apology is given, where appropriate.
    • Appropriate expression of sympathy.
    • A protocol is instigated to prevent recurrence of the problem, if appropriate.
  • Care discussed as a significant event at the next Significant Event meeting.